Panzer Geekz

Panzer Geekz is a game I worked on during my internship as a level designer at Portaplay ApS. My main responsibility was to make new maps for some new campaigns and to go through some older maps and update those.
Panzer Geekz is a game for smartphones and tablets where you drive your tank to the finish and try to get as much score as possible. The theme for the game is World War 2.

Gameplay trailer

All the levels I made



Made In Japan

Pointy Hill

Rice Hill

Stone Pillars





Train Crash
I did this level on the last day of my internship so I didn’t have the possibility to get a picture of the finished product.

How I made a map
I started with a reference picture

I then made a prototype of the map using kinetic sand

I then made the landscape in Maya using a plane and sculpt geometry tool

I then imported the landscape to Unity and started to place props

The characters are placed accordingly to their counterpart on the map. The American near the goal, the German near the hitler babushka and the french near the sheep herder. Arrows are also placed to guide the player to the goal.

I then made a simple terrain painting before handing it over to an artist.

The finished product