Mr. Awesome Detective

Mr. Awesome Detective is a 2D platformer I made in Unity to learn more about 2D games made in Unity.
The goal with the game is to guide Mr. Awesome Detective through the levels and find the floppy discs while avoiding enemy fire.

Since this was the first real game I made with 2D in Unity I had to learn how to create sprite sheets and how to implement them into the game and then turning the sheets to animations in Unity. I also had to learn how to use animator controllers in Unity so that I could trigger the animations at the correct places.

While creating the simple AI I also had to learn more about raycasting for 2D and how to use layermasks. Even though it turned out to be very simple in the end, it was still something very valuable to learn.

In the end I learned a lot of new things and it was a fun project to work with.
Download the game here