H. C. Andersen kids games

H. C. Andersen kids games is a project I worked on during my internship as a level designer at Portaplay ApS. My responsibility was to work on 2 games. One of them were a music rhythm game and the other an E-book.

Music rhythm game
In this game the kids will learn about rhythm in music. In the game there is music playing and various objects appearing in and out to the beat. If you click at the correct moment you get some points.
My responsibilities was to create the gameplay for the three scenes. That involved making the objects clickable and to add or subtract score, and making the camera movement. I used playmaker to create all the scripts for all the objects and camera movement. Playmaker is a visual scripting plugin for Unity.

This is how the clickable objects where built using Playmaker.
First the script waits to be clicked, when the object is clicked a sound is played, then a star is spawned, then the player gets some score, then the object plays a small animation, lastly the script waits for a short time before it restarts.

To save some memory and not to have many objects with script waiting for their time to shine a system was made and put into one bigger script. This script is to tell the objects to appear in and out on beat when a certain amount of beats has gone.

Close up. The object is first activated, then it waits for 1 beat, then the object that subtracts the score gets deactivated, then it waits for 1 beat, the subtracting object gets activated again and lastly the object itself gets deactivated.


In this game the kids will listen or read three classic fairy tales by H. C. Andersen.
My responsibilities was to create the master script for the page turning and new text section. I also placed all the props and gave some of them movement.

The master script. In the master script the nodes tell in which corner the text should be, when to change to a new text section or change page, when to zoom in or out and to activate or deactivate objects. The “Complete Wait” nodes are waiting for a certain text section to be finished or if the player clicks on the next or previous button.

Close up.

I also made a small script that wobbled some eggs as seen in the picture below.
The script first checks if the ducklings has hatched or not, then it randomly choose one of the eggs and plays a small shake animation. I added some bool checks since it sometimes got stuck if the player pressed the next button at a certain place.