This map was created using the Source Development Kit(SDK) for Counter Strike: Global Offensive(CS:GO).

Download the map from Steam here


I started with a location based on Evergreen State College. I took a picture from a satellite image and drew a top-down layout from that. I then put the layout into hammer and quickly realised that the map was going to be complex and wouldn’t fit the gameplay for Counter Strike.

I simplified the layout a lot and tried to get something that I liked and still had the similar layout as the original.

I continued to work on the layout to try to make it more balanced. It quickly lost it resemblance with the original layout and started to look more like a map from Counter Strike.

I tried to use a city like theme but it didn’t really fit the map.

So I went with a theme that is a mix between de_dust and de_mirage.

I then started to work on the buildings around the map and doing small modifications based on feedback.

More work made on the surrounding buildings and more modifications.

Mostly modifications made around the bombsites and the Counter-Terrorist spawn.

Ingame screenshots

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