Characters of Love

Characters of Love was a game I made to learn more about Unreal Engine 4 and Blueprints.
The goal with the game is to guide both characters to the goal. The player must place the small cubes in the containers to remove doors so that the characters can continue.

I made the game simple and tried to keep the scope at a minimum. There are a lot of features that I would like to add, but felt that they either weren’t necessary for the project or would completely change the gameplay from what I wanted it to be.

In the end I learned a lot about UE4 and Blueprints and it was very easy to grasp.

To play the game a gamepad is required.
The game has 3 level that is in an infinite loop.
The file is around 350MB large.

Download the game


Player pickup and drop
In this blueprint I check if the player is carrying an object or not. If the player is carrying an object the blueprint will follow the True path from the branch and the carried object will be unparented and will drop to the ground.
If the player is not carrying an object the blueprint will follow the False path from the branch and the object will be parented to the player.
To be able to do this I had to create a new socket that I positioned in front of the player. I was also able to parent the socket under another existing socket so that it looked like the player was carrying the object in the hand. I decided not to do that since it created gameplay behaviors I was not satisfied with.

Pickup Goal
This blueprint is attached to the pickup goal. It checks for any physics actor to collide with the goal trigger. Since the only physics actor I used in this game was the pickups I didn’t have to do any checks towards any other objects. When the pickup reaches the trigger the pickup will be destroyed alongside a door so that the player can progress in the level.

Heart particle spawner
In this blueprint I check if the players collide with each other and then spawn a particle emitter and a sound on one of the players. I added a delay at the end so that the player wouldn’t be able to spam the particle emitter and the sound.