About me

My name is Joacim Rappu and I live in Malmö, Sweden. I am a level designer and level scripter and I’m currently working at Massive Entertainment as a Junior Game Tester.
I’m a happy and easygoing person who likes to try new things and learn to understand them to improve myself as a level designer.


Hans Von Knut
Creative Dir. at PortaPlay

“Joacim is a talented level and gameplay designer, working with level design especially regarding: Terrain creation and dressing, gameplay scripting and creation, flow and balancing, testing and correcting.
Joacim is skilled in the whole pipeline of game and level design, from initial concept to the final, playable level. He takes whatever you throw at him, without any hesitation. -He is a hardcore grinder that never whines or displays diva-mentality, while producing quality content.
He can work independently if you want him to, but has no problem following directions or receiving feedback.
Don’t let his quiet manor fool you, he is a excellent addition to your team.”

Did my 30 week long internship at PortaPlay ApS as a level designer.

Studied level design at The Game Assembly since September 2011 til April 2014 where I have done a total of 8 games with both game programmers and game artists.

-Level design in general
-Scripting: Blueprint, C#, Kismet, LUA, XML
-Basic modelling and texturing
-Basic lighting and environment art

-Unreal Engine 4
-Hammer editor